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Bixue Kommunikation - Aeon Timer Grafik Aeon Timer
Bixue Kommunikation
Genre: Produktivität
Erscheinungsdatum: 16.10.2013

Aeon Timer will help you track the actual time spent on projects. Define your hourly rate and price range, Aeon Timer will do the rest.

Breaking news!
You all know that Aeon Timer looks crisp on a Retina Display.
Well, it now looks beautiful on Yosemite too!

Auto pause
If you've got many things in your head you might forget to pause the timer when leaving your computer for a while. Don't worry. Aeon Timer can pause automatically if there's no activity in a given period of time and resume again when you return.

Auto subtract
If Auto pause is enabled Aeon Timer can subtract the pause period automatically for a more accurate timing.

Prevent sleep
Isn't your work being done on the computer running Aeon Timer? Aeon Timer will prevent your computer from falling asleep due to inactivity so you don't have to worry about missing time.

Quick Menu
Aeon Timer features an easy to use Quick Menu in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
There you'll have quick access to Start, Pause, Stop and other functions.

If you need to report the time spent on a project to someone else you can easily export to CSV. Even multiple projects at once!

If you need to print your projects Aeon Timer can do that too.
It can even print multiple projects at once.

Automatic backup
Every time you open a projects file it will be backed up.
You can easily recover a backup with the built in "Recover backup" feature.

Aeon Timer will use your computers region settings to display dates and format numbers.

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